Water SofteningMeet the XQ & XQ Pro

Designed with Conservation in Mind

Meet a new generation of water softening technology: the XQ and XQ Pro from Blink Water Solutions.

An efficient, modern water softener and whole house water treatment system provides a multitude of benefits to your home. Your dishes will come out cleaner and with fewer spots on glass and silverware. You’ll get a longer life out of your kitchen appliances. Your clothes will come out of the laundry cleaner and softer, with their colors lasting longer. You’ll see fewer spots and mineral stains on your faucets and showers. And your skin and hair will be softer and free of irritations—especially important for those with sensitive skin.

Packed with the latest advancements in water softening technology, the XQ and XQ Pro are designed to be the most powerful, efficient water softeners on the market. You’ll experience and enjoy all of the benefits above more apparently and for a much longer time with these incredible systems. Below is a list of their incredible features.

System can regenerate using sodium or potassium chloride.

Blink Water Solutions Softening System Comparison

Right now, Blink Water Solutions standard waters softeners are starting at just $1,395.
Call to schedule a consultation today and begin living your best, water-softened life.

Who are we?

Blink Water Solutions sells and installs only the very best products and technology available. Backed by over 25 years of experience, thousands of installations and troubleshooting, you know you're in good hands. Don't trust your water to just anyone!

Designed with conservation in mind. #SlowTheFlow

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