Meet Flo, the all-in-one security system for your home water.

Protect Your Entire Home from Water Damage & Leaks : Guaranteed

Our homes are getting smarter. It’s time we got smarter too—about water damage and conservation.

Blink Water Solutions proudly partners with Flo by Moen, the world’s most advanced smart home water security system, to help keep your home running efficiently and free from water damage. Flo has saved homeowners millions of gallons of water through its ability to detect even the smallest leaks. In fact, with Flo, 60% of home-owners immediately discover a leak they didn’t know they had.

Here’s how it works. Because Flo is installed on the main water line, it monitors all water flowing into the home. Using its three sensors and an impressive array of algorithms, Flo is able to actively monitor water flow, pressure, and temperature. This triple-secure feature protects the home from leaks, waste, and even burst pipes.

With Flo, control is literally in the palm of your hand. From its easy-to-use app interface, you can receive and respond to alerts, turn your water on or off, monitor your water usage, and even alert Blink Water Solutions if a leak is discovered.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your phone, though—Flo is smart enough to shut off your water automatically if needed. Use the app interface to run system health checks, monitor your home’s pressure and usage, and find small leaks before they turn into big problems. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of fix, they say!

As part of Blink Water Solutions’ ongoing commitment to conserving water in the St. George community, we are proud to offer Flo to our customers.

From the safety and peace of mind this system offers to the astronomical amounts of water it has saved its users and their communities, this product is at the forefront of smart home water security.

Flo community has proudly saved

2,499,137 gallons of water and counting!

A System Designed to Detect and Protect

The Device

Runs daily tests to ensure your home plumbing network is running efficiently. Continuously checks for leaks and potential vulnerabilities in your pipes. Automatically shuts off water to your home in the event of catastrophic failure.

The Support

When Flo by Moen detects an issue and you’re not sure what to do, our solutions team is here to help figure it out.

The App

Sends an alerts to your phone in real-time if a leak is detected anywhere in your home. Allows users to set water consumption goals, monitor daily usage, and turn water on and off remotely


Get more peace of mind with a deductible reimbursement guarantee, extended product warranty, enhanced water usage data, proactive monitoring, and more.
Plumbing doesn't last forever.
Don't wait until you suffer water damage.


more likely than theft


more likely than fire


of homeowners will suffer from water damage


gallons is lost due to leaks everyday in a typical home

Never Miss a Drip

The best way to avoid water damage, is to prevent it.
Flo does it all.

  • Remote and automatic water shutoff
  • Proactive maintenance alerts (before there's a leak)
  • Learns water use and identifies all leaks, anywhere in your home
  • Daily test to maintain a leak-free home

Who are we?

Blink Water Solutions sells and installs only the very best products and technology available. Backed by over 25 years of experience, thousands of installations and troubleshooting, you know you're in good hands. Don't trust your water to just anyone!

Designed with conservation in mind. #SlowTheFlow