Meet Amber Phillips

The Water Girl

Amber Phillips, “The Water Girl”, has been in the water treatment industry working for over 15 years. Many of those years were working alongside her husband, which combined have over 40 years of experience.
Blink Water Solutions offers the latest technology in Water Treatment such as Water Purification, Softening & Whole House Filtration fused with the most advanced water Monitoring & Smart Home Leak Detection System available.
Many Southern Utah residents depend on these water treatment technologies. Water treatment systems such as Reverse Osmosis water purification & Ion Exchange water softening are the most commonly used technologies in Southern Utah homes & New Construction. They are the most effective at removing contaminants in our drinking water, eliminating hard water scale, damage to fixtures & appliances. These systems provide a higher quality of water for their families, homes & businesses.
However, Water shortages have continued to plague many cities & towns across the Southwest bringing water conservation to the forefront & increased water rates. In 2018 St. George was the fastest growing city in the country in the 2nd driest state. With this experience she set out to fill a void in the water treatment industry. That void was water conservation. 2018 proved to be a breakthrough in both water conservation & water purification technologies. We believe in water conservation while protecting our homes & our health. This new technology is another step in smart home integration.
The most complete & efficient water treatment & water monitoring/leak detection systems available.

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